The Fab City Initiative is a global movement to create more resilient, self-reliant cities that are locally productive, yet globally connected.

Fabriko, in partnership with the Fab City Aotearoa Trust, is exploring approaches towards activating Christchurch as a Fab City, by joining the Fab City Global Initiative.

The Fab City Global Initiative combines Industry 4.0 thinking with shift toward circular economy innovation.



Shifting from the linear Product In - Trash Out (PITO) economy towards a Data In Data Out (DIDO) circular economy, where we share goods digitally and produce locally, reusing materials within a closed loop.

Centralised industry centralises wealth, and separates the producer from the consumer, to the extent that most consumers have little or no understanding of where their products come from. Through the use of digital fabrication and distributed manufacturing, Industry 4.0 brings production to a local scale. Similar to the pre-industrial age, but amplified through digital tools and platforms.

Case Studies

Fab City partnership:
Fab Lab BCN & IKEA

Fab City Amsterdam:
A City in Transition