Become a Minimaker!

Minimakers is a 6 week programme for kids aged between 10-14 who are into craft, design, electronics, 3D printing and robots!

It will help them to develop their creative confidence by taking an idea and transforming it into a finished product.

Course Outline

Week 1.
What is digital fab?
Start with the basics of 3D design & printing - Thingiverse, Tinkercad, Sketchup.

Week 2.
Intro to 2D design

Learn Inkscape to extrude a design in Tinkercad to 3D print keychain, and to cut out a paper craft or sticker on the vinyl cutter.

Week 3.

Use the Arduino kits to wire and program blinking LEDs and tiny motors. Make a simple spinning fan or colour changing nightlight.

Week 4.

We’ll get the robot gear out and learn some fundamentals.

Week 5 & 6.
Your own Maker project

We want to help you create your own exclusive product that you could sell at a market.

Registration Information

Class sizes are small due to the size of the Makercrate. Only 6 students per stream, with a choice in participating in either the Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday session.

11 March – 17 April.
(6 weeks)
4pm - 6pm

$150.00 per Maker
for 6 two hour sessions.

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