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QuakeCraft is a hands-on educational programme promoting engineering and social resilience, created by Fabriko, Quake Centre, and QuakeCoRE.

The aim of QuakeCraft is to teach students how to design resilient communities regarding natural disasters. Using a range of tools that include laser cutting, 3D printing, and CAD software, students create model houses that are tested on a shake table for structural integrity. 

Our approach

1. Multi-disciplinary approach to project learning
By combining Level 5 NCEA Physics, Social Sciences, Maths, and Technology, QuakeCraft introduces real-world concepts through hands-on learning.

2. Building your own creative solutions
QuakeCraft is an open project where students take engineering and physics principles and apply them to create earthquake resilient model houses.  Participants are encouraged to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions while maintaining engineering integrity of resilient housing design. 

3. Natural disaster education and awareness
 Living in New Zealand has it's own faults (pun intended) and participants are encouraged to find creative solutions for building in such a volatile country, such as: landslides,;tsunamis; flooding etc. The aim is to mitigate fear through the use of knowledge and designing future solutions.