Technology Professional Development Courses

Fabriko offers hands-on skill development courses for educators at Fab Lab Chch – an open, experimental and fun environment. The classes are designed to build competence and confidence in new and emerging technology and offer approaches and teaching resources that you can use in the classroom. 

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Beginners e-Textile course

6 weeks | $230.00 | Starts: Thurs, May 26
eTextiles and high tech wearables are exciting new areas of practice for technology teachers everywhere. New conductive materials and components combined with traditional textile techniques can extend your current curriculum incorporating electronics, coding, design, materials technology and creativity learn in a new context and let your students make some seriously cool projects.

Intermediate e-Textile course

6 weeks | $230.00 | Starts: Tues, May 24
We will be integrating sensors, motors and speakers into our Arduino based projects, and looking at extending the power of the circuits with more components, like transistors, diodes and resistors. All textile based, but this time we will get into some soldering too.



6 weeks | $230.00 | Starts: Mon, May 23
We will learn about a range of easy to use 'freeware' 3D tools, and what their strengths are for different applications. Each class is designed to maximise time on 3D printers to build competence and confidence. Classes look at how a 3D printable item can be created, used, manipulated, personalised, built upon and even mass-produced.

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