Feeding the Digital Natives

Generation Z, also known as the Digital Native generation, live in a world of hyper-connectivity. The internet gives them access to knowledge and makerspaces the means of invention.

In preparation for the Digital Technologies Curriculum (DCT), Fabriko is offering a modular series of workshops for teachers. We will explore practical activities that integrate technology with core subject areas, many that use no or low cost resources. Problem solving, collaboration, and risk-taking will all be part of the journey to success!

Discovery sessions can cover

  • Equipment
    • Digital Fabrication: 3D printing, laser cutting, milling
    • Electronics: Arduino, Raspberry Pi
    • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Creating a classroom digital studio
    • Storage and parts management
    • Computers and apps
    • Setting up the space
    • Health & Safety, security
    • Machine maintenance and troubleshooting 
  • How to run a creative workshop Maker-Ed style
    • How to find good tutorials and templates online
    • Project based learning
    • Taking risks and being prepared to fail