Augmenting Canterbury’s regional strength for talent attraction.

The objective of the Supernode initiative is to establish inter-disciplinary communities of practice around strategic growth areas in the Canterbury economy.

We conducted a series of workshops that engaged Industry, Education and Government to unpack the current dynamics at play that could either accelerate or stagnate the attraction and creation of talent and business into our economy – including;

People, Policy and Perceptions
Global position - what do we stand for
The health of the eco-system

Supernode Model.png

Workshops, Reporting and Communications

As part of the process, five multi-stakeholder workshops we facilitated to work through a process of defining the key focus areas (Supernodes) and understanding their barriers to growth, through the lens of human capital. All workshops were distilled down into reports which have been released via the Supernode website.

Creating a framework - Supernode Growth Criteria

We developed a framework to understand each of the sectors, applying soft systems thinking. These Growth Criterias underpinned the workshop design, framing the conversations, ensuring the focus was on human capital and talent attraction.